Step Two: Static Correction Training: Part 2

If the static correction is being delivered, there is a chance that the correction level isn’t set high enough.

After a week of training, what if my dog doesn’t respect the boundary?

If you have followed all of the training steps, after 1 week, you should expect to have great results. However, in rare cases there are dogs with a stubborn personality. Sometimes more training is required. After a week has passed, if your dog is not respecting the boundary after a static correction, an extra 3 to 7 days should do the trick.

It may also be helpful to troubleshoot some issues that may be causing an issue.

The Collar May Not Fit Properly

If your dog is not showing any reaction when he approaches the boundary, it is likely that the contact points on the collar are not really touching the neck, and the correction isn’t being administered. This may be the reason why your dog is not learning to stay away from the boundary, as he isn’t experiencing any consequences from crossing it. Simply pay attention to your dog to see if he is reacting. If he isn’t, try tightening the collar a little.

Your Dog May be Overstressed

Your dog may be overstressed if you notice:

  • His tail is tucked between his legs as he gets close to the training flags
  • He refuses to go outdoors with the receiver collar on his neck
  • He doesn’t care about playing and seems less active than usual

If the static correction is being delivered, but it is not enough to stop your dog from crossing the boundary, there is a chance that the correction level isn’t set high enough. Try bumping up the correction level a notch to see if that changes anything.

Conversely, if your dog is showing symptoms of stress, the static correction level should be slightly reduced. If this doesn’t solve the problem, reduce the amount of times you train your dog to twice a day at the most. To help put your dog at ease, be sure to increase the playtime both before and after the training session.

Keep the Mood Fun

Your dog training session needs playtime before and after, in order for it to be successful. Your dog needs time to relax during both times, as training can be a little stressful for some dogs. Just spending 5 or 10 minutes to have fun will greatly assist the process.

The next thing you need to do with your dog is Distraction Training.