Step Five: Taking Your Dog on a Walk

Before you take your dog on a walk, you need to be sure to remove the receiver collar. This is extremely important.

Good news! Your dog has been trained successfully to respect your wireless fence boundaries. The last step is to teach your dog to leave the safety zone with your supervision, in order to go on a walk.

Remove the Receiver Collar

Before you take your dog on a walk, you need to be sure to remove the receiver collar. This is extremely important. Even if you have the collar turned off and your dog won’t receive any static correction, the collar still needs to be removed. The idea is that you want your dog to associate the absence of the collar with his ability to leave the safety zone.

Select a Spot

It is also important that when it is time to take your dog on a walk that you choose a specific spot to always exit and enter. An example would be the driveway. Without exception, you need to always go in and out of your chosen spot.

Attaching a Leash

When you lead your dog out of the containment area, you must attach a regular collar and a leash. The leash should be held firmly at all times when you are leading the dog out of the safety zone. This is because it is important for your dog to understand they can only leave the containment area when on a leash an accompanied by a human.

Leading Your Dog

Lead your dog with the leash, exiting the safety zone through your predetermined location. In the beginning, it is very possible that your dog will be resistant to leaving. If this happens, let your dog know he isn’t doing anything wrong by saying, OK in a calm, yet firm voice. Don’t carry your dog across the line. Make sure you can lead him out of the containment area by his own will. When your dog does leave the area, show him appreciation and give him a treat. Don’t forget to come back into the safety zone through the exact same location where you left.

After a couple of days, you will notice that your dog will become comfortable with the process. When this is the case, there will no longer be a need to reward your dog with treats upon venturing out.

Leaving by Car

Just like you can take your dog out on a walk by driving it in your car in earlier training phases, you can still do this after your dog has been trained. As long as your dog can get used to leaving the Pet Area on his own, providing he is accompanied by a person with a leash attached and when he is not wearing the receiver collar, then all will be well.

Photo by Robert Eklund on Unsplash.