Part One: Troubleshooting Problems With Your Wireless Dog Fence

Here are a list of problems that are most commonly faced by those who have a wireless dog fence. Refer to our Dog Training Guide for help.

Here are a list of problems that are most commonly faced by those who have a wireless dog fence. If your problems has more to do with your dog being trained properly, please refer to our Dog Training Guide for help.

If Your Dog Isn’t Reacting to the Static Correction

There are several reasons for this:

The collar was not put on correctly

The receiver probes must make contact with your dog’s skin. If this doesn’t happen, the static correction cannot be delivered. With that being said, make sure the collar doesn’t fit too tight as you don’t want the probes digging in to the dog’s neck.

There is an interference in the signal

To learn about what could be blocking the signal, please refer to our guide, Reducing Signal Interference.

The correction level is set too low

On most receiver collars, if the collar is set at 1, only a beep is heard and no correction is delivered. Be sure that the collar is set on a two, at least.

The batteries have run out

Batteries can lose their charge before you know it. This is why it is important to have extras on hand.

The transmitter has come unplugged

If your transmitter isn’t plugged in and operating, there is no way for your dog to receive a correction.

If the Collar Isn’t Emitting a Beep

There are a few reasons this might be happening:

  • The battery is missing or is depleted
  • The collar receiver has been turned off
  • The transmitter isn’t plugged in
  • The boundary’s location may have changed because of interference in the signal

In addition to this, remember that the signal emitted by the collar is not particularly loud. It is just supposed to be loud enough for the dog wearing it to hear it beeping. You might not even hear it if you are walking next to the dog, or especially if there is noise around you. There are several ways you can check if you just aren’t hearing it beep:

  • Turn the collar upside down on your dog’s neck, to let the receiver face upwards towards the sky. Then you will be able to see the collar’s LED light flash when the receiver begins to beep. This will let you know the collar is working properly.
  • Remove the collar from your dog’s neck. Hold it in your hand, approaching the containment boundary, holding it around the same height as your dog’s neck. Keep your ear close to the receiver. Now you will be able to hear the beep when it goes off.
  • Some wireless dog fences come with a tester. You can use it to make sure the collar is working correctly.

If you have done all of the above and there is still no beep, your collar may be broken. In this case, you will need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

If Your Dog Is Deaf

Of course, if your dog is deaf, hearing the beep isn’t an option. In this case, you would need to get a wireless dog fence that features a vibrating collar, taking the place of an audible beep.